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Lenovo is born in 1984 within the Chinese Academy of Sciences came together for the coming goal to bring the advantages of information technology to each chinese people for just 25.000 starup capital. The company's first breakthrough allows chinese characters to be used on computers on a massive scale for the first time. its market share and grew into one of the most valuable ideas in china, enjoying huge success around the 90’s. It was in 1999 that they brought the world the one key wonder, giving millions easier access to the internet before being trusted on the world's highest peak and beyond.
All along the way lenovo has built its customer base to not only the most reliable products, such as computers, laptops, tablets and softwares, but also with designs, that turn heads around the globe.
Lenovo has recently opened a new chapter, with its acquisition of the ibm global pc business, had formed a 13 billion dolar long-term partnership with ibm, that includes ibm global services and global financing. Lenovo customers will continue to enjoy or prepare effort to bring the world of quality innovation and demand.
These is a path we've been on the way too long to slow down now. It's not enough to have the best people and the products, you have to demonstrate who you are and what you stand for. Lenovo made it in the Olympics, launching a global advertising campaign with some pretty unusual ideas. The company provided thirty thousand pieces of equipment and six hundred engineers to power the largest sporting event in history. There were three hundred competitive events over seventeen sports.

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